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Sadie of Bread SRSLY

Sadie wasn't a baker, and she didn't have an extensive knowledge of bread making, but she has always been a go-getter with a knack for solving problems. This came in handy when she fell in love, unrequitedly, with a man who had celiac disease. To win over his affection, her analytic brain figured out a way to his heart: baked goods. Gluten-free baked goods.⁠⠀


Luckily for the man, and all of her future customers, Sadie developed a truly killer recipe for the perfect gluten free sourdough bread, and in 2011, Bread SRSLY was born.⁠⠀


I didn't come across Bread SRSLY until 2017, but ever since then I've been an enthusiastic customer, purchasing Sadie's various breads at the farmers' market every Sunday morning. Bread SRSLY changed my life because it was the first gluten-free bread I ever had that didn't taste like grainy cardboard. It just tasted like (delicious!) bread.⁠⠀


When Sadie's not running her business she's creating gorgeous painted paper plants (yep, she's that multitalented). Keep up with her at @sadieinthestudio and follow @breadsrsly for all your sourdough inspo.

BAYDISH: Why was it important to you to make a gluten-free sourdough?

SADIE: It became important to me to make gluten-free sourdough after I learned some bread history. Particularly the history of bakers yeast and the fermentation benefits of sourdough that disappeared when baker’s yeast came into vogue.

BAYDISH: How long did it take to perfect your recipe?

SADIE: It took about 2 years to land on the recipe we use today, but sourdough has many demands, so we still need to make many tweaks to keep it happy!

BAYDISH: What's been the biggest challenge in starting your own business?

SADIE: The biggest challenge was finding my confidence as a leader. It involved (and still involves) constant soul-searching, bucketloads of humility, openmindedness even when it sucked to hear other opinions, and believing in my own strengths, even when I felt like I didn't have any.

BAYDISH: What's been most rewarding?

SADIE: The same! When I feel comfortable in my own skin while standing up and proudly leading, or when I see an employee learning to lead from a lesson that I've shared, I glow with pride.

BAYDISH:What feels special about the Bay Area food community?

SADIE: The Bay Area Food Community is my social club. I didn't know I was an extrovert until I started Bread SRSLY. Now I LOVE networking with other foodmakers, collaborating and supporting each other, and knowing who I can lean on when I need help.

BAYDISH: Where's your favorite place to eat in the Bay Area?

SADIE: Sol Food in San Rafael, hands down. We actually moved to Marin for a while, and I'd be lying if I said it had nothing to do with proximity to Sol Food.

BAYDISH: What's next for Bread Srsly?

We're working on opening a pop-up storefront in West Berkeley so we can meet our customers face to face, and share cool new recipes with our community!




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