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Sequoia of Sequoia Diner

As I was taking photos for this profile a woman next to me asked what I was doing. I told her I was doing a profile on Sequoia, and she responded "she really creates such a community space here". I couldn't agree more. I’ve been frequenting Sequoia Diner for years now and every time I walk in the door I feel at home. It's a place filled with friends & families gathering over a meal, and it's not uncommon to run into someone you know. It’s a space that feels so good to be in and that in many ways is thanks to the way Sequoia runs the place, greeting all the guests with a big smile and creating a homey feel with thoughtful touches like fresh flowers & plants all the way down to her Grandma's antique silverware. And this goes without saying, but the food is out of control delicious.

BAYDISH: What's the most challenging thing about owning a restaurant in the Bay Area?

SEQUOIA: THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH. Seriously though. Building a restaurant itself, unless you have the opportunity to purchase an existing business, takes hundreds of thousands of dollars and could take years to build.

BAYDISH: What's the most rewarding thing?

SEQUOIA: Having the opportunity to be of service to my community. Breaking the industrial food chain but offering organic food grown by people we know, locally. Seeing the smiles on people's faces when they get their food.

BAYDISH: What got you into the food industry in the first place?

SEQUOIA: My Mom was a single parent who waited tables while putting herself through nursing school. I started waiting tables when I was in High School, then through college and throughout my twenties. I've always loved the fast-pace, the hustle, the beautiful chaos. It truly is a dance. I live it and breath it. My partner has cooked for most of his life. One day we just looked at each other and realized it was time for us to do it for ourselves.

BAYDISH: What's it like owning a business with your husband?

SEQUOIA: It definitely has it challenges but the bottom line is that there is no one else that I could have done this with. It takes an enormous amount of trust in the other person. There were so many moments where it would have been much easier to just walk away. But like a marriage, those are the moments that produce genuine growth.

BAYDISH: Describe Sequoia Diner in 3 words.


BAYDISH: What are you most proud of?

SEQUOIA: Obviously I'm a huge fan of the food but what I'm most proud of is our hard-working, loving and diverse staff and the community we have supported and been supported by.

BAYDISH: What can we expect next from you and Sequoia Diner? 

SEQUOIA: Expanding our hours into dinner (Italian American) showcasing our new cocktail menu! 




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